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Slow  adjective

lacking speed; not fast or quick:

Moe(s) noun

Coined in Japan in the late '90s, "Moe" (萌え, pronounced as "Mo-Eh", derived from a Japanese word that means "budding, to sprout/bloom") is an ill-defined otaku term that means, amongst other things, "cute", "huggable", or "endearing".

Well, the description above about our name sometimes reflect who we are. We ride our bikes slow and enjoy the show. And, in a way we are also moes, we are just starting in this venture, and we certainly want to be endearing to our clients and friends.

We are Slow Moes, we are a group of individuals coming from different backgrounds sharing one passion, cycling. 

We love cycling to a point that we already forget we have other lives. The drive to acquire and use different gear we see all around the internet drives us nuts! Then we noticed that we are not alone, here in the Philippines a lot of people share our passion and we would love to make things easier for all of us. So we started this little endeavor.

We really enjoy riding our bikes. Urban night rides around Manila gives us a quick hit to fix our biking itch. Shredding the trails in Timberland makes us feel invincible. Conquering the mountains in the Cordilleras made us feel… weak. Yeah, that was a different story, we got to rethink our lives over there.

Then, when we cant ride… there is the internet, we spend almost all our “spare” time Facebiking, as a form of research, (Yes, seriousy!) to make our rides more enjoying and satisfying of course. 

I hope you can all join us in this ride. Thanks for coming!